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Through my professional experience and studying design and art at Central Washington University I have developed a unique sense of design – clean and creative. When beginning a design, I study the client's idea and propose what I feel to be the best way to communicate their message. The following are some examples of my work. All artwork (photographs, etc.) is original unless otherwise noted.


Interactive Marketing Kit for Patrick Townsend Security Solutions

Patrick Townsend Security Solutions, an encryption company, needed a new way to distribute their marketing materials. Instead of having tons of printouts for all of their products, we decided on an interactive CD that could operate from within a web browser. I was responsible for the design and coding of this project.

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PTSS Landing Page PTSS Page


Home Page for Integrated Security Technologies Inc.

Integrated Security Technologies, a facility security company, initially contacted me to re-design their home page. Working with the client, I went through several comps, and we finally decided that the home page below would be the new face of IST. Unfortunately, the budget fell through and we were unable to go forward with bringing this site live.

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IST Home Page


User Interface for Screen Dreams On Demand for Sharp TVs

At the CES (Consumer Electronic Show) 2009, Sharp announced that Sceen Dreams would be their content partner for its AquosNet TVs and offer high definition art On-Demand. Working with a tight deadline, I designed the User Interface and screen widget as well as ensured that all art met the strict requirements set by Sharp.

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Screen Dreams Intro
Screen Dreams Kicker
Screen Dreams Widget


Team BAM Support Sticker

Team BAM, a mountaineering club, needed a sticker to give to people who financially supported their team's expeditions. The design needed just the basic elements-- similar to the natural elements that Team BAM seeks. I feel this design conveys the beauty of the outdoors while getting back to basics.

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Team BAM


Landing Page and Web Banner Design for is a organic makeup, skin care, anti-aging, and sunscreen company with endorsments from celebrities such as Debra Messing and Tim Daly. The designs need to be clean and enticing, as well as have an interactive element to them. I worked very closely with the marketing department to make sure their message was conveyed as well as visually appealing.

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Lavera General Landing Page General Lavera Sky Scraper General Lavera Ad General Lavera Banner


Lavera Faces Landing Lavera Faces Sky Scraper Lavera Faces Ad Lavera Faces Banner



Trend Landing Page Lavera Trend Sky Scraper Lavera Trend Ad Lavera Trend Banner


Web Design for

Recently I was responsible for creating and updating many pages for, as well as create partner landing pages for Panasonic, Mitsubishi, and Samsung, as well as a shopping cart user interface and experience. This task involved working with the Product and Marketing departments to ensure their Web vision was met. Additionally, I worked with the Development team to ensure my designs were translated to HTML correctly.

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Company Info
Panasonic Landing
GP for PC


User Interface for GalleryPlayer On-Demand

I designed this User Interface for GalleryPlayer On-Demand. There were several limitations to this project imposed by the hardware on which the interface needed to reside. Some logistical issues needed to be considered-- such as designing to load quickly, have a 10-foot experience, and as the the select box moves, does it move where the user would expect? After several tests and working with the developement team, I designed the first User Interface for GalleryPlayer On-Demand.

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Landing Page
Sign In
Landing Page for GalleryPlayer On-Demand


Sign In Page for GalleryPlayer On-Demand


Category Selection Page for GalleryPlayer On-Demand
Description Page for GalleryPlayer On-Demand


Homepage, 6-Foot Banner, and Thank You Card for the Olympia Volunteer Center

The Volunteer Center recently adopted a new brand (they are now part of the national Hands-On network) and needed a new home page design, as well as identity package. Their new collateral materials needed to tie in with the national brand, as well as create and maintain the Volunteer Center's own identity. One consideration while designing the homepage was that it needed to be designed for a CMS (Content Management System). This meant the design needed template driven to allow the end-user to update the content (not design) themselves.

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Volunteer Center Homepage
Thank You Card


Packaging for Paul Brownlow's The Road is Waiting solo CD

Paul asked me to do the photography and design for his solo album "The Road is Waiting." Since this was a solo album, I felt this wasn't just another album, rather a musical portrait. The design needed to be honest. The concept was executed by framing all the photos with a film border, like they would be straight out of the camera. The charcoal background is from the same color as the guitar he recorded with on much of the album. This is Paul Brownlow and the Road is Waiting.

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The Road is Waiting disk and insert covers


The Road is Waiting insert centerfold


Back Cover
The Road is Waiting disk art
The Road is Waiting back cover


Trade Show Banners

As the Creative Services Manager with GalleryPlayer, I have designed several 6' displays to advertise the company at trade shows. These were interesting projects because I needed to keep in mind the technical limitations of the imagery, as well as be able to communicate the several advertising points requested by our marketing department. Below you will see banners advertising our HD programming, the GalleryPlayer Retail Referral program, and company information. Photography purchased from Corbis Images and Getty Images.

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CTAM Photo Display CTAM Art Display
Referral Program

Company Banner


Splash Screens and Icons for the GalleryPlayer Client

Recently the GalleryPlayer client software was updated and needed new Images Loading and Program Loading screens, as well as updated icons. For this project, it was imporant to know that the loading pages need to be simple and easily read because they would only briefly appear on the screen, and the icons need to be read at very small sizes.

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Splash Screen


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